Episodes - Welcome Aboard Live with Mike Pettersson
Welcome Aboard Live with Mike Pettersson – The Cable TV Show

Here is the way we are laying things out for Welcome Aboard Live episodes:


Welcome Aboard Live episodes will be categorized by season. Each season encompasses one calendar year.


The first season – 1997 – Welcome Aboard Live was a monthly show. Beginning with the second season – 1998 – it was a weekly show. So what we’ve done is number each episode by the number of the week. And since we had reruns there will be “missing” numbers. As an example if we did a new show on week 37, a rerun on week 38, and a new show on week 39 there will be no episode 38 for that season. We felt this would give a better idea of when reruns were played.

Each episode will have a brief synopsis as well as a list of all those involved as far as cast and crew as well as links to their stuff.



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